Month: November 2022

AMAZING Music Theory Tricks (Everyone Should Know)

Learn music theory from the ground up with The Rudiments. The first 25 of you to use promo code “TRICKS” at check out will get 50% off. #guitar #music #musictheory ——————————————————————————————— Intro 00:00 Sub-Dominant Minor Chords 00:40 Secondary Dominant Chords 03:00 Avoiding Common Rhythm Tendencies 06:53 The Diminished 7 Climb 09:07 The Tritone Substitution 11:00 ….  Read More

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Rod Wave – 2019 (Official Audio)

#SoulFly #Deluxe #2019 Stream SoulFly Deluxe: Follow Rod Wave: ► Instagram: ► Twitter: ► SoundCloud: ► YouTube: “2019” Lyrics Seen it coming Did you ever see it coming? Keep running Should’ve kept running Goodbye my friend I’ll go the end And I’ll won’t fall in love again until I find Everything you used to be ….  Read More

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Andalib and Surosh New Music Video 2022 – Kashke Kashke | عندلیب و سروش – کاشکی کاشکی

Andalib and Surosh New Music Video 2022 آهنگ جدید عندلیب و سروش – کاشکی کاشکی If you enjoyed this music, give it a like and leave your comment on how did you feel about it. Barbud Music is Afghanistan’s Prime music hub where you can enjoy listening to different styles of music like Mahali, Pop, ….  Read More

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