Cool two30GvnG New Music label YNAMG

Artist Name: two30GvnG

Bio : two30GvnG real name Elijah Thomas is a artist, songwriter and CEO of his own label YNAMG. Born in Queens Ny grew up in Brooklyn Ny. He moved to Orlando Fl when he was 15 years old that’s where he got in music. Moving back to Ny when he was 21 years old he was involved in a running with the law and ended up spending nearly a year in jail. When he came home that’s when he decided to take music serious. Droppin his first mixtape in December 2016 title NIKE ( Ni**a I Kill Errthin ) following with a Ep titled “ Doing The Most “ Streamin nearly 125K landing him a distribution deal with “ Record Union “ through “ The Orchard “ then dropping a Ep “ Sick Of Being HMBL “. Dealing with issues in his life his fell back from music from about to years. Now he’s back and he has a new sound and more to talk about.

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