Full Sail University Month 13 History of Popular Music I and Month 14 Audio Production Techniques

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History of Popular Music I

The American music industry has generated hits and new style combinations through every decade. The History of Popular Music I Course surveys this rich evolution from its roots through modern times, examining each musical style’s respective sociological and technological precedents. Students will explore the unique historical and cultural conditions that serve to make American music distinctly original.
Course Outline

Roots of American Music: European-American Folk, and Blues/Gospel
The Pop Music for Youth Explosion, 1945 to 1965
Urban and Rural Popular Forms of the Early 20th Century: Jazz Age, Pop, Country

Total credit hours: 3
Course Length: 4 Weeks

Audio Production Techniques

The Audio Production Techniques Course explores the digital audio workstation environment through the study of digital audio concepts and practices. Students will receive instruction and hands-on practical experience with industry standard computer-based recording systems. After completing this course students will be competent with “in the box” digital audio production methods and session management.
Course Outline

Recording & Editing
Mixing & Remixing
Audio File Management
Session Preparation

Total credit hours: 4
Course Length: 4 Weeks

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